Monday, June 7, 2010

Fayette Mother and Son Together in Photography Show

Local photographer, Donna Rosser, has been entering photography show for a few years. You may even have heard about her workshops and exhibits. There is another Rosser photographer to keep an eye on – Bryant Rosser, her son. Donna and Bryant have been frequenting locations in Fayette County for the past few months shooting together. This month their work hangs together in the Simple Pleasures photography show at The Veranda in Senoia.

“I have given him a few pointers about setting and lenses, but his composition does not need my input,” said Donna. When the notice for the photo show came out, Donna had planned on sending in an entry. She is also on the schedule as a speaker June 12 at 2pm. As she prepared her entry, she thought about her son and decided to send in a couple of his photos. “It is funny; the one I thought would get in the show did not. But any photo in a show is a good thing,” Donna said. Bryant was very happy to learn his photo was accepted in the show and is looking forward to seeing it framed and on the wall. “This experience make me want to take more photos and enter more shows,” he said.

Donna Rosser is the owner of The Barefoot Photographer® and teaches workshops locally. You may see the pair of Rossers shooting car shows in the area – that is a favorite for them. When asked if there are any more photographers at home, Donna replied, “My daughter is not interested at the moment, but who knows. She received a Silver Key award in the Scholastic Art Competition when she was in 8th grade. My son just began a couple months ago and is doing very well for a beginner.”

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